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the fear of anything innapropriate you’ve ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven’t actually been on that websit…

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macandkensie929 says:

When my mom comes in that will be the only time I use Paint,,

divineoblivionguy says:

Whenever my parents are nearby I make up some excuse to get them to go away for fear they might see what i’m watching on youtube

Gracie Hite says:

I was in school and I had a question and when I was watching my teacher come over to help me my web page was loading and when she came over she said “what are you looking at?!?!?” And I turn around to find a web page of VERY inappropriate pictures I am now afraid to use school computers

FortuitousWench says:




hoover4400 says:

PervertedLlamaSeductress at org [research for a school paper. honest]

MxScandy3 says:

It happens only all the time. Same with my iPod. Nothing to hide… I just hate the thought of something popping up on the screen.

madeline harris says:

Nice singing at the end

Hoshiko Jin says:

i am in constant fear my older brother will find my yaoi web history… SHIT.

David Sampler says:

Grandma no!!!

ou8123451000 says:

i mainly look up music vids, pics, and what ever catches my eye or i’m interested in at the time. look up bizarre prehistoric animals by leoapp1223, watch it the prehistoric animals are weird but neat, make no sense or just freak you out.

Kaycee D. says:

I was linked to a bad website once and now I’m afraid every time my mom goes to use my computer

madeline harris says:

Dam wrong vid

ella james says:

I always feel this. And I my mom uses my laptop and see’s me acting really worried and he is all like r u hidin something

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