The Ben Show: Last Text Message (Comedy Central)

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The Ben Show: Last Text Message (Comedy Central)

Kenny shares the dangers of text messaging irresponsibly. New episodes of The Ben Show air Thursdays 10/9c on Comedy Central. Watch the full premiere episode…

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HoneyBuns IceCream says:


Rudejudeify says:

The Ben show sucks

toe2thaknee says:

yeah, we all saw the video.

EasterEggz says:

This is good on so many levels, first you think it’s a drunk driving psa parody which resulted in him being retarded, then it turns into a mobile carrier commercial parody… then he gets out of the wheelchair, amazing.

Chase Hunter says:

great dissection dumbass. it’s called a punchline, and you just shuttup and laugh, you don’t rehash it to ruin it for everyone just because you are inept.

shig001 says:

I’m sorry but “The Ben Show” is horrible… It won’t get a second season.

Ian Butler says:

you ever heard of bad tithes?

rain dance says:

One of the funniest videos ever created. Thank you Ben Hoffman. You are the mayor of Titty City.

digsters says:

<--- mayor of titty city

Rudejudeify says:

So does Ben

THE1AND0NLY78 says:

hahahahahaha good point about titties

gymbag123 says:

I snotted up a spaghetti piece

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