Bubzbeauty Yogurt Mask Review!

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I noticed a lot of people in the comments of makeup tips and skin care rememdies asking if it really works, but almost no one answers. So, I decided that eve…

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ClarifyEht says:

Preferably. :>

ixNerdz says:

Does it have to be natural ?

ClarifyEht says:

It’s not supposed to be an over-night thing. You have to keep at it for about a month until you notice a change. I’m just reacting to how I feel first putting it on. I still love using it, and it’s worked for me. :)

Christina Chung says:

It didn’t do anything for me nor you just saying but I don’t think it’s worth wasting ur yogurt

ayeshaah11 says:

Yea it is weird

ClarifyEht says:

it should be once maybe a week or every other week. some people do it twice a week. It depends on your skin. Some people have skin that gets used to products really quickly and then it doesn’t work anymore. I suggest to put it on little by little, and have your skin ease into it, because you never know. :)

BlackAsianMusicLover says:

could u plz tell me how often i should use this “mask”? i thought twice a day? O.O

ClarifyEht says:

Thank you <3 :D 

ClarifyEht says:

wow, i’ve never been told that i look like her. o.o i’m so flattered, she’s beautiful lol XD

lol392 says:

u kind of look like emma watson sometimes! er and i agree with like everything u said in the vid :B yogurt is awesome but im too lazy..

ClarifyEht says:

Thank you, and lol i’m actually doing it in the shower because it gets so annoying XD

TheAznpersonXD says:

You did a very good job on this! And haha when I wash my face, the water goes down to my elbow too. That’s why I think I would prefer taking a shower :P

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