Bombshell McGee Licks Sandra Bullock

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Bombshell McGee Licks Sandra Bullock

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Noah Finch says:

finally a phillip defrance video i havent scene

WillYouLaugh says:

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henrikxzxz says:

l bet mcgee wants to lick bullock’s asshole and pussy.

TriForceFluffy says:

Damn O_o Sebastian’s cute.

2006med4soc says:

this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Burnitnow567 says:

The problem here is we have an enormous amount of hypochondriacs, people want to run to the doctor for a splinter, a cut, or a scrape. Or theyre dizzy, hungry, they sneezed twice in a row… George Carlin the comedian called it “The pussification of America” many years ago, and he was right..

pureply101 says:

The problem is paying. We get the treatment and necessary medicine, but paying for it all is near impossible without the right insurance coverage. That is why other countries are shocked with the US.

yoyohooyo says:

Sandra Bullock’s picture taste terrible, yuck

Becckkoni says:

If you walk into an emergency room in the US you will be treated no matter your ability to pay. And if you’re elderly/poor/disabled you do get medicare.

Jamie Wilson says:

her….. forehead……..

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